"Health Sorted"
Healthcare Management System (HMS)

It is a completely web-based solution that fully automates all operations of hospitals, medical centers, multi-specialty clinics, Labs, Blood banks, Medical stores, and medical practitioners.

Return on Investment

Health Sorted is a smart Healthcare Management system that reduces the cost of managing all operations. Health Sorted gives you cost-effectiveness & best ROI.

Turn Around Time

Our HMS system reduces response time and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of all operations. It allows you to better time management

Accuracy & Reliability

Health Sorted gives you accurate results. It processes information in accurate ways so it allows you to cost-saving and better time management

Business Control

With Health Sorted, you can control your all operations. You can control expenses, costs, and all resources. The system allows you to manage everything remotely.

"Health Sorted" Healthcare Management System

"Health Sorted" Healthcare Management System is a comprehensive and integrated Management System tailored to meet the needs of hospital systems, medical centers, multi-specialty clinics, and medical practitioners. This all-encompassing system connects hospitals, satellite clinics, Labs, Blood banks, and medical stores through its Multi-Location functionality. Unlike traditional paper-based methods, it leverages technology to pull up cloud information swiftly, ensuring top performance.

Our user-friendly EHR Software eliminates handwriting errors and allows easy access to revenue streams, patient records, and essential real-time metrics. The software also facilitates the electronic sharing of patient records, empowering both patients and providers to view lab results, chat securely, and schedule appointments online.

A customizable alert system sends reminders via text, SMS, email, etc to enhance patient care. Booking appointments with doctors based on their specialty, rating, fees, and availability is simple. Plus, organizing doctor schedules, compiling patient notes, and handling payments become effortless tasks.

With the "Health Sorted" Healthcare Management System, doctors, and patients can check their calendars on mobile devices, contributing to a more organized life. The software is available for both on-premises and on-cloud installations, all built on best practices from around the globe.

Patient Registration and Billing

Health Sorted offers instant patient registration and billing. It offers easy data management that allows for effective patient relations management.

Healthcare Management and tracking

As a Healthcare Management and tracking system, Health Sorted makes life easier for all staff and customers.

Report Generation / SMS,Email,WhatsApp

Health Sorted offers extensive support for generating and dispatching reports for patients, allowing anyone to access the reports immediately, either by Email, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.

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Hospital MS

Patient Registration:
● A streamlined process for registering and managing patient information.
● Capture and store demographic details, medical history, and contact information.
Appointment Scheduling:
● Efficient scheduling of patient appointments for consultations, tests, and surgeries.
● Real-time availability updates for doctors and other healthcare professionals.
Inpatient and Outpatient Management:
● Comprehensive management of inpatient and outpatient records.
● Bed allocation, discharge summaries, and follow-up appointments.
Electronic Health Records (EHR):
● Centralized and secure storage of patient health records.
● Integration with diagnostic reports, prescriptions, and treatment plans.

Lab MS

Test and Sample Tracking:
● Efficient tracking of laboratory tests and sample processing..
● Integration with patient records for seamless data flow.
Result Management:
● Rapid entry and dissemination of laboratory results..
● Access controls to ensure confidentiality and compliance with privacy regulations.
Quality Control:
● Monitoring and control of laboratory equipment calibration and maintenance.
● Monitoring and control of laboratory equipment calibration and maintenance. ● Compliance with quality assurance standards.
Inventory and Reagent Management::
● Inventory tracking for lab supplies and reagents.
● Automatic alerts for low stock and expiration dates.

Blood Bank MS

Donor Management:
● Capture and maintain donor information.
● Track blood donation history and eligibility.
Blood Inventory:
● Real-time tracking of blood inventory levels.
● Integration with hospital requirements for efficient supply management.
Cross-Matching and Transfusion:
● Automated cross-matching of blood for transfusions.
● Recording and monitoring of transfusion history. ● Compliance with quality assurance standards.
Regulatory Compliance:
● Adherence to blood safety standards and regulatory requirements.
● Reporting tools for compliance audits.

Pharmacy MS

Medication Dispensing:
● Efficient dispensing of medications with barcode scanning.
● Prescription validation and allergy checks.
Inventory Control:
● Real-time tracking of pharmaceutical inventory.
● Automatic reorder alerts and expiration date tracking.
Prescription Management:
● Electronic prescription management for doctors.
● Patient medication history and adherence tracking.
● Compliance with quality assurance standards.
Billing and Insurance Integration:
● Seamless integration with billing systems for medication charges.
● Automated processing of insurance claims.

Why Choose Health Sorted

  • Smart Data collection.
  • Easily accessible and affordability.
  • Email, SMS and WhatsApp facility to connect with patients instantly.
  • Doctor's commission is automatically calculated on the patient bill.
  • Most secured data and user friendly.
  • Suitable for all sized diagnostic centre, pathology labs & hospitals.
  • Keeping track of all form of expenses and receipts.
  • Test results can be accessed online by: Doctors & Patients.
  • Role-based authorization (Admin, Operator, Patient and Doctor).
  • Keep track of daily, monthly and annual accounts.
  • Keeping track of all form of expenses and receipts.
  • Backup & Restore facility of information.
  • Fully compliant with health indicators of PHC.
  • Security in software is maintained at every required point.
  • Maintain patient's history.
  • Lab testing unit are pre-configured and customized reports in the system.
  • Results can be downloadable on demand.
  • Robust and Low Maintenance.
  • Automatic stock management of Chemicals and Testing equipment.
  • Alerts at stock reduction.
  • Expense Management.
  • Invoice Management.
  • Partner collection centers and partner labs management
  • Reports can be sent directly through email or SMS to physicians, consultant or even to patients thereby speeding up the patient treatment cycle.

There Are Several Key Features That Make Health Sorted Unique

Patient Registration

Health Sorted offers instant patient registration that allows for effective patient relations management. The patient details include name, age, email address, patient's residential address, phone number, and WhatsApp number.

  • The patient’s image can be added
  • To notify patients, SMS, Email, and WhatsApp
  • Patient registration fields can be modified.
  • Patient registration through Fingerprint Scanner

Invoice Generation & Billing

The automated generation of invoices and billings helps to provide seamless biotech solutions to their customers. Health Sorted provides billing services for you. Our system auto-generates bills and invoices based on operational and Healthcare rules.

  • You can view the invoice in PDF format
  • Invoices can be sent directly through whatsapp
  • Payments can be made separately for each test or combined for all tests

Doctor Referral / Share

The doctor referral share management module is the most advanced and secure feature for all medical healthcare professionals. Basically, this module is for doctors who refer patients, and based on this, they can receive commissions.

  • To notify patients, SMS, Email, and WhatsApp
  • Doctor’s portal web login
  • You can view the overall doctors share report or for specific doctors

Built-In Test Templates

Health Sorted, the leading Software, helps you by offering test templates through the use of which you can create authentic reports based on the results of the tests.

  • Health Sorted general reporting templates
  • PCR report template
  • Cultural assessment report template
  • Custom report template

Multiple Role Based Logins

Health Sorted makes it possible to log in to their environments according to role-based data analysis that the application performs based on the information they provide.

  • The role can be activated and de-activated from the same screen.
  • Create multiple roles
  • Secure login

Patient History

The Health Sorted system allows the management of patient information and provides a greater opportunity for doctors and patients to have access to the history.

  • Patient history on report

Barcode Scan & Code Generation

Health Sorted provides a new feature barcode scanner. It is the most effective way to ensure that every item is kept separate is for each one to have a barcode attached to it.

  • Tracking Samples
  • Helps Reduce Misdiagnosis
  • Efficiency & cost-effectiveness
  • Reproducibility

Daily, Monthly & Yearly Business Reports

Health Sorted comes with a single solution for reporting. Track your all test details, payment transactions, payment history, and profit/loss on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis using relative reports.

  • Patient dues report
  • Doctor share report
  • Daily summary report
  • Doctor share summary report
  • Daily expenses report
  • Stock consumption report
  • Payment details report
  • Payment received report
  • Department summary report
  • Test summary report

Report Dispatch
SMS, Email and WhatsApp

Health Sorted Software includes a fully automated report dispatching feature that enables you to send a report instantly via e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, or any other method you choose.

  • Automated report delivery
  • Bulk report print and download

Patient Online Report

QR codes are printed on the lab reports. Patients can scan the QR code to get a PDF of the report. A simple scan is enough to check its conformity, its origin or to access the original report. Simple, fast and above all secure!

  • Increased accuracy
  • Improved efficiency
  • Higher transparency

Attendance System

Health Sorted's Attendance Management System is designed to streamline and automate attendance processes, ensuring accuracy, transparency, and efficiency in managing workforce attendance

  • Faster patient access
  • Improved security
  • Ease of use
  • Eliminate possibility of patients records duplication

Analytical Dashboard

Health Sorted cloud-based LIMS System helps you make better decisions by giving real-time insights. The system provides real-time updates on lab data, financial data, transactions, and other information in real-time.

  • Real-time dashboards
  • Performance and comparative reports
  • Operational and financial analytics

99.99% Server Uptime

The importance of 99.99% server uptime in healthcare cannot be overstated, as it directly impacts patient care, data integrity, and overall system efficiency. High server uptime is crucial in the healthcare industry

  • Better security
  • Reliability
  • Enhanced performance

Test Prices & Discounts

Health Sorted managed pricing for different sources of business and for all departments and outsourcing centers. At Health Sorted Handled seasonal and promotional pricing easily from a single location.

  • Different rates List for collection centers
  • Conditional automated discounting
  • Discount approval via admin

User Work Sheet

User worksheets are preprinted forms on which raw data and other necessary information for a given analytical test are recorded. It allows the laboratory to export data with or without parameter details.

  • All results can be captured and reviewed together.
  • You can download it in excel or pdf format.

Patient Image Capture

Health Sorted's Patient Image Capture feature is designed to enhance the quality of patient care by providing a secure and efficient way to capture, manage, and utilize medical images within the healthcare ecosystem.

  • eliminate the possibility of patient records duplication

Offline Sample Collection

Health Sorted's Offline Sample Collection feature is designed to provide healthcare professionals with the flexibility to collect samples in areas with limited or no internet connectivity, ensuring a seamless and efficient sample collection process.

  • Time saving
  • Minimizing internet loss risk

Patient Card

Health Sorted's Patient Card feature is designed to provide a comprehensive and easily accessible overview of patient information, ensuring that healthcare professionals have the necessary details at their fingertips.

  • Patient Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Faster access and registration
  • Improve flow

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