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What our customers say about us

KORE Wireless engaged TechXect to assist with a number of important initiatives including support for complex invoice generation for a M2M Connectivity Management Platform, Tier II customer support for several of our product lines, source code repository migration/validation and data centre migration for several of our platform products.

In a word, they have performed splendidly. The quality of their work has been very good and their professionalism is very evident in all of their interactions. The TechXect team has proven to be extremely capable as well as truly committed to the success of our numerous initiatives.

Much of the KORE team interacting with TechXect staff are based in North America. The TechXect leadership team is based in the U.K. with additional staff in Asia. Our initial reservations regarding the disparate geographies proved to be unwarranted as the TechXect staff very fluidly accommodated KORE’s North American schedules, making themselves available whenever required.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the TechXect team, with no reservations.

Stephen Healy (VP – Product Development, KORE)

Thank you so much for your good work on the website and the logo. They are beautiful! I’m so happy to get started on my new business adventure!.

Roberta Foster-Smith (Owner – Obax Marketing Agency)

TechXect did a great job developing our website, WorldWorksSys.com.

Whether providing direct development support or giving us the opportunity to make our development updates, TechXect’s web design expertise and support services were top notch! It didn’t take long to stand up our website, and we were pleased with the design and layout of the graphics, information and responsiveness.

We look forward to engaging with TechXect again, especially as we look to build out our site services and upcoming software solutions as well.

Our site’s modular design/architecture lends itself very well to future enhancements and upgrades without impacting the current functionality. TechXect’s follow-up on additional requirements/enhancements related to the site has been exceptional.

Given all that, World Works Systems wholeheartedly recommends TechXect and I am available for further reference if needed.

Muhammad Mahmood (Director – World Works Systems)